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Accelerate Your Digital Performance 
with Authentic, Inclusive Marketing

We live in a multicultural society. Your digital marketing should reflect and connect with all members for society. Inclusive, multicultural marketing should be the default approach. When people feel seen and heard, it is easier to build connections. In today’s socially conscious business environment, representation is critical to business success. People have been digital 1st for almost a decade - why isn’t your marketing strategy?  Does your team include the diversity of our communities and have representation from all? From strategy, research and analytics, media activation, creative development and digital marketing 101s, we can help!



Taking Your Business to
the Next Level

Omnichannel Digital Marketing Strategy

We can work with your marketing, analytics and insights, creative, IT and medlegal teams to connect it all.

Research and Analytics

Let us help you build greater insights and 1st party data to connect with your target audiences.

Media Activation

This level of brand involvement is critical to plan for upcoming changes to cookies and mobile IDs. We can help your team prepare. 

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The People People (formerly Infinite Connections) was founded in June 2005 as a family business focused on website development and digital marketing strategy. We shifted to a singular focus on digital marketing in 2007 and provided copywriting, strategy, research and analytics support to notable brands such as Scholastic, Inc, Weight Watchers and Verizon Wireless. 


In 2022, we rebranded to The People People to better reflect who we are and shift to a focus on health and wellness, pharmaceuticals, insurance and finance. Why the change? Inspired by the memory of our grandmother, Genevieve Johnson, we wanted to bring representation to industries where both digital marketing and diversity were lagging. We are patients and people from underserved communities that these industries do not connect with authentically or effectively. 


Our goal? Marketers speak often about being data-driven, but what does that mean? For us, it means that we leverage data to understand people, segment audiences, build creative and implement strategies that are always inclusive. Our society is comprised of different races, religions, genders, sexual orientations and ableness. We leverage data and inclusive consultant teams to help our clients move from performative to genuine inclusion. 


The adage, “Deliver the right message to the right person at the right time?” People are at the center of successfully executing that approach. We make data actionable and add the human resources to ensure your strategy considers us ALL. 


Contact Us to discuss how we can help your business not only grow but establish genuine connections.





Let’s Work Together

395 Hudson Street New York, NY 10014

Tel: 310-462-7484

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